Hi, My name is Dana


Hardworking mom and wife, sharing tips and tricks I have learned along the way


I’m just a mom trying to keep my family safe and healthy without losing my sanity along the way. The internet has become a place where people feel they can pass judgment and shame moms for how they raise their kids. I think this sucks. Moms need to stick together, build each other up and offer support so we are able to be the foundation our families need. There is so much information available now that it’s easy to feel like we are not doing enough…there is always someone out there doing better things! Enough is enough. Ever since having kids I have developed a bit of anxiety. This has led me to do a ton of research on modern day food and health related topics. Issues like GMOs, organic food vs. conventionally farmed, supplements, beauty and self-care products, and vaccines. I really think all this reading has taken my anxiety to a new level. There is just so much information out there and it can be very overwhelming! Here you will find a judgment free realm, information and recipes based on my personal experiences and the results that I have encountered. It’s what works for us!


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