Easy Pantry Organization in 3 Steps

Easy Pantry Organization in 3 Steps

Hey all, I hope you are doing well! Today I am going to share with you how to organize your pantry in 3 easy steps. There are so many different pantry layouts but I feel that these steps could be applied to any style pantry you have. I have a pantry based on drawers that pull out. It has taken a little getting used to but now that I have it together is makes working in the kitchen so much easier!

I kind of started this project on accident. My husband won us a trip to Vegas and my mom was going to be watching the kids at our house for a long weekend. I labeled everything with post it notes. Once we got home I just left the post it notes on the pantry drawers and then decided it would be nice to actually have labels on them. So here we are…


Step 1 – Take everything out and put it into groups. I have 5 groups in my pantry and they are:

Food Storage

Pasta & Rice

Kids Snacks

Canned Goods/Misc

Cereal & Chips

These are the groups that work for me. My food storage drawer includes plastic wrap, foil, sandwich bags, parchment paper, and the like. I also hid any candy in the house up here because it is too high for my kids to reach.

The pasta and rice drawer includes pasta and rice obviously but it also includes things like bread crumbs. I guess this drawer could be labeled carbs =).

The kids snack drawer is really a lifesaver. This is where I keep foods that I pack in their lunches. I like to portion out their snacks when I buy them so all I have to do in the morning is throw a bag in their lunch box. I keep apple sauce cups, snack bars, pouches, and any other kid friendly food in this drawer.

Canned goods and misc includes any canned items and baskets for my onions and potatoes. I also keep jarred pasta sauce and salsas in this drawer.

The last drawer is the cereal and chip drawer. This drawer is located on the bottom so it’s easy for my kids to pick their cereal out on their own. I also keep bags of chips and boxes of crackers in this drawer.

Step 2 – Create zones for your item groups. If you do not have a pantry like mine that has drawers you should create zones for your item groups to keep them separate. Base the sizes of the zones on how much of each group you have. Try to utilize all the space you have so that each zone has the room it needs. One idea to create zones would be to use colored washi tape to make sections for your groups. This will help you keep things organized and also add a pop of color to your pantry.

Step 3 – Put everything back neatly and label the sections. If you have an open layout make sure that you can see the labels of your items. My pantry has high drawer fronts so it’s pretty hard to see the labels. That is one drawback to my pantry; I have to search through the cans to find what I am looking for. Other than that this system works well. I found these cute chalkboard label stickers on Amazon. They really make my pantry look sooooo much better!

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