Cheesy Taco Omelette

Cheesy Taco Omelette

We have taco night just about every Tuesday. This makes meal planning easier for me by having set days where we have the same theme every week. I normally make 1 pound of taco meat and the kids do not eat much of it. So between John and myself there are normally some leftovers. There are so many things you can do with leftover taco meat, but one of my favorites is making a taco omelette.

Making this omelette is very simple. I add the leftover taco meat to a hot pan. Once it it warmed through I add 2-3 eggs that I have beaten.Β I got these awesome pans from a GroupOn offer. They are Gotham Steel which are made with ultra-durable, scratch-proof and metal utensil safe Ti-Cerama (ceramic reinforced with titanium) nonstick interior coating. It is PTHE, PFOA and PFOS free. You can find these on Amazon here. Seriously, nothing sticks to these bad boys! I highly recommend them.

Pour the eggs over the meat and give the pan a little shake to evenly distribute it. Then, turn the heat down to low and put a lid on the pan. This will allow the eggs to cook evenly without burning the bottom.

Once the eggs are solid sprinkle the entire thing with some shredded cheese. Then loosen the edges with a spatula and start to slide the omelette out of the pan. When it is about half way out, use your spatula to fold it over in the pan. Remove it from the heat and put the lid back on. Let it rest for a couple minutes so the cheese melts.

While the cheese melts, slice up some tomato, avocado, or any other taco toppings you like. I had some leftover refried beans so I warmed those up as well and topped them with some sour cream. This turned out awesome and is a nice treat for a weekend morning!


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