Cube Steak with Mushroom Gravy

Cube Steak with Mushroom Gravy

We get a quarter cow from an organic farm here in Michigan once a year. It’s grass fed, pasture raised beef and it is good! If you have access to a farm like this near you I suggest you give this idea a chance. You buy the meat once a year and keep it in the freezer. This makes meal planning easier and saves on grocery bills if you try to eat organic beef. The price per pound of ground beef works out to be around the same as you would pay in the grocery store, but where you make your money back is on the steaks and roasts. It is well worth it!

Anyway, Β one of the cuts of beef we get is cube steak. Cube steak is usually a tougher cut of meat that is run through a mechanical tenderizer. I decided that this would be dinner tonight so I pulled some out to thaw.

I planned on making this kind of like salisbury steak. It turned out really good. I started by taking the steaks and dredging them in flour that had some onion powder, vegetable bouillon, and salt mixed in to it.

Then I browned the steaks in some butter and avocado oil.

Once all the steaks are browned, I removed them from the pan and let them chill on a side plate.

I added a little more butter to the pan and then added some sliced mushrooms and onions to the pan.

When the mushrooms and onions were browned, I added some vegetable stock, tomato paste, and worshestire sauce to the pan. Then I brought it up to a simmer and added the cube steaks back to the pan. I put the lid on and let it simmer for about 30 -60 minutes.

I served these with some mashed potatoes and apple slices (for the kids) and everyone ate every bite! It turned out really good.

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