How To Clean Your Humidifier

How To Clean Your Humidifier

Happy Sunday friends! And let me just say I am happy to have turned back the clocks today. My kids stayed at my mom’s last night so they were not waking me up a the crack of dawn today. Even though they were not home I still woke up pretty early. But that just gave me a jump on the day. So here I sit on a Sunday morning with a little quiet time to devote to you! Very exciting.


So this post is about cleaning your humidifier. We use humidifiers a lot around here, mostly in the fall and winter months when we are in the house more with the heat on. Things can get dry wreaking havoc on my sinuses.

Humidifiers are amazing for many reasons. They can help relieve sinusitis because when the air is too dry our sinuses do not function as they should. We can have problems with proper drainage leading to sinus infections.

Adding humidity to the air also helps you heal faster overall because it keeps your nasal passages lubricated. So if you are feeling under the weather get your humidifier out and get it going.

Humidifiers also help people that suffer from nosebleeds. This is again because it keeps your nasal passages lubricated.

Having your humidifier on while you sleep can help with snoring as well as help keep dry skin moisturized. The humidity keeps the throat from drying out which reduces the intensity of a loud snore! So hopefully you will get better sleep and wake up with a supple face, soft lips, and moisturized hands.


Now lets get to the important stuff. If you have not cleaned your humidifier in the last week you may be doing more harm than good. Humidifiers can easily become a breeding ground for many different types of bacteria and mold! Now obviously we do not want to be breathing in bacteria and mold. The whole point of the humidifier is to help keep us healthy, not to make us sick. It is very important to give your humidifiers a good deep clean at least once a week.


If you want to watch this interesting report GMA did on how dirty many humidifiers are you can check that out here. It was really a wake up call for me. I would clean out the tank but I didn’t realize that a bunch of other parts of my humidifier required regular cleaning. The first time I took the top off (which you can see above), where the steam actually comes out, I was horrified. I felt so guilty for not knowing or realizing that this was so dirty. It was black! UGH!! Okay, enough with the mommy guilt, like we don’t have enough of that already. Anyway, I started cleaning this regularly as well as all the other parts and now I feel confident that our humidifiers are so fresh and so clean. And so is our air!


Cleaning your humidifier doesn’t have to be a pain. It can be very easy. All you need is some water, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and a small brush (or an old bottle brush).

To start I take apart the humidifier and lay out all the parts. Any small pieces are tossed into a small bowl of hot water and a little vinegar. Once they have been soaking for a couple minutes give them a quick scrub and toss them back in.


Next I fill the tank about 1/4 – 1/2 full with hot water and pour in about 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Put the lid back on and shake it up for a minute. Then let it sit and soak for a good 30 minutes. Every once and a while come back and give it a good shake.


My humidifiers are great! We got them for a great price at Costco (I actually bought a third today so we have one for each bedroom) but you can also find them on Amazon here. They have a long opening in the center of the tank where the steam comes up. This is where I use a bottle brush and scrub it really good.

Once everything has been scrubbed up and you have let the tank soak for at least a half an hour, empty it, give it a rinse and then refill 1/4 – 1/2 full with water. This time put in about 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide and put the lid back on. Give it a good shake and then let it soak again. Hydrogen peroxide is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and kills mold! It is perfect for the job of disinfecting a humidifier. So as you did above, let it soak shaking occasionally and then when 30 minutes has passed give it a good rinse.


Dry the humidifier as well as you can. You can even leave it to air dry for a couple hours before filling it back up. And there you have it, feel confident that your humidifier is helping and not hurting your health!


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