Packing For A Mom’s Weekend Away

Packing For A Mom’s Weekend Away

A quick mom’s weekend getaway is just what the doctor ordered. One of my besties and I are feeling drained and stressed. This trip will surely help us reset and prepare us for the oncoming craziness that only the end of the year can bring. Of course the holidays are fun but they are also stressful!

We had planned this trip for the first weekend in October but then rescheduled it for better weather. It looks like we will be in luck! Saturday should be awesome and we are going to go for a hike to get in touch with Mother Nature.

fall-autumn-red-seasonMy grandparents have a beautiful cottage on a lake up north in Hale, Michigan. If you are from the Michigan area you know going up north is just a part of life. I have grown up going to this cottage on summer weekends and now I get to take my kids there (not this weekend though!). My grandmother is amazing and said that we could go up this weekend for a little mom’s getaway. We will have the place to ourselves for some R&R and some wine drinking. I’m sure we will be sleeping, eating, and just being…with no interruptions. I am giddy at the thought!


Anyway, packing for trips is always annoying. I am sitting here thinking about what I should bring and went to google for a little inspiration. I didn’t have much luck so I figured I would put something together to help anyone in a similar situation (and for myself to use next time).

This weekend will basically be relaxing around the cottage, going out to eat a couple times, and going for a Saturday afternoon hike. We also need to think about food and drinks to bring, and maybe a couple board games. Oh, and wine…lots of wine!


Here is what I plan on bringing:


I am bringing nail polish remover and nail polish because I will actually have time to sit down long enough to paint my nails and allow them to dry! It’s the little things people…the little things.

You know what we don’t need?? An alarm clock! I can sleep in! Wooo hooooo! Do you have any packing tips for a short weekend getaway without the kids? If this were a short weekend trip with the kids this list would be about 3 times the size!

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