Halloween Festivites

Halloween Festivites

We love Halloween around here. My daughter is absolutely obsessed with the holiday. She loves all things Halloween any time of year! We try to do a couple things every year to make sure she can really enjoy her favorite time of year. Every year we go to Halloween Nights at Greenfield Village and Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo. They are fun for the kids and give them extra opportunities to collect candy for the Switch Witch. I do let them have some candy but there is no way I would let them eat the amount of candy they collect. There is just no reason for all that sugar. A piece here and there as a treat is cool, but anything more than that gets them so riled up and is also bad for them. So this is what I do, because It’s What Works For Us!

Here are some pictures from Zoo Boo this year. It is basically a set area in the zoo that you walk through with candy stations set up that the kids can trick or treat at. There is no seeing the animals. They do have really cool pumpkin displays, a hay maze, some type of coloring activity, a tent with entertainment, and cider and donuts. They also have some food and beer available at a couple food stands. The kids love it and look forward to it every year.

walking-zoo-boo pumpkin-witches pirate-pumpkins hay-maze dancing coloring candy-pumpkins


This week our team went out to eat for lunch. We went to a place in Allen Park, Manuel’s Taco Hut. They are known for putting up CRAZY Halloween decorations so we went to check it out. It is really crazy for a restaurant to go all out like they do. It reminded me of Rainforest Cafe but Halloween…there were different areas that came to life while you were there. They had a skeleton that sang a couple Black Sabbath songs. The food was good and the decorations were nuts. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

manuels-taco-hut-2 manuels-taco-hut-3 manuels-taco-hut-4 manuels-taco-hut-5 manuels-taco-hut

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