A Fall Weekend Up North

A Fall Weekend Up North

This past weekend was a mom’s weekend away! One of my best friends and I went up north for a little relaxation. I love my kids but everyone needs a break now and then to help remain sane. That was the purpose of this trip.

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We headed out on Friday late afternoon, stopped for food and wine, and then drove up to Hale. It is about a 2.5 – 3 hour drive from Metro Detroit. We had such a great time! We were able to talk without being interrupted, we were able to sleep without being woken up, and we went out to eat and didn’t have to rush through our meals. Sitting around with the lake in view is so relaxing.

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Friday evening we sat around and watched old DVDs while drinking some wine. There is a big difference when drinking in your 30s then the way we used to drink in our 20s. In our 20s we never really worried about feeling hung over the next day. Obviously we had fewer responsibilities and could sleep in and then take it easy the next day if we felt the need. Also, I really tend to feel a lot worse for longer now if I drink more than I should.


One method I have to avoid the hangover is to make sure to drink plenty of water while drinking. Also, while drinking I take an organic milk thistle capsule to help my liver efficiently process out the toxins! Then before bed take a multi vitamin and some extra vitamin C. This will help your body get back up to speed. Water is definitely key though.

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Nikki introduced me to these Toniiq Electrolyte Capsules. They help you stay hydrated which keeps a lot of the yucky hangover feelings away. You can buy them on Amazon here and they helped me a ton. I just ordered some for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas! I might drink a little (or a lot) while we are there and want to feel great! Where were these things in my 20s?!

Saturday morning we slept in, enjoyed our breakfast and then headed out to Tawas and the Corsair hiking/cross country skiing trails. Our first stop was the pier in Tawas. It is on Lake Huron and is really nice. They had some construction going on and it was a bit chilly but there was still people out there fishing.

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After the pier we went to the Corsair hiking trail. We walked around and explored for a couple hours here. It was really beautiful and quiet. The sun would occasionally peek through the trees and it was awesome! At one point early on in our adventure Nikki said “hmmm it looks like someone stepped in this poop right here, wait a minute…did YOU step in poop?” only to discover that yes, yes I did step in some random animal poop. That was not so great! Besides for the poop on the bottom of my pants and shoe, it was very nice.





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After our hike we went back into town for a little window shopping and to grab dinner. There were some crazy finds at the shops in Tawas and dinner was great. The best part may have been the sunset though, it was beyond beautiful!







We had a great time and really got to unwind!


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  • Talal says:

    I am glad you guys had good time,,love you daughter

  • ConcernedPartier says:

    I have a question about both the electrolyte capsules and the milk thistle capsules. Great if they prevent a hangover, but will they prevent me from getting as drunk?!?! Please advise.

    • Dana says:

      That is a great question. I feel that we were definitely buzzed and after the drink and taking the capsules I felt that it elevated my buzz but in a good way. We were not super drunk, but we didn’t plan to be either. I am working on a hangover prevention post and will explain the detox drink we had in detail there. But if you drink plenty of water and take these capsules you should be able to maintain a nice buzz and feel great the next day!

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